Welcome to Murdoc Technology, LLC

Murdoc Technology and JDF Enterprises combined have decades of experience in the contract manufacturing industry. Based in Fresno, CA, we specialize in wire harness, cable, mechanical, electro-mechanical, printed circuit board, and control panel assemblies. In addition, we offer composite harness braiding, packaging, shipping, and repair station services.

We serve a variety of industries, including but not limited to: agriculture, appliance, automotive, truck, circuit board, computer, electronic, fluid transfer, telecommunications, and vending. Our customers in these diverse industries have recognized the value and advantages of forming a partnership with us, a contract manufacturer that can provide a full range of production technologies.

The entire staff at Murdoc Technology is dedicated to meeting your company's most stringent requirements. Our technicians bring precision performance and reliable manufacturing expertise to every project. All assemblies are produced to match your designs, prints or samples. We can also troubleshoot specific issues and provide solutions to problematic assembly designs.

Our administrative staff utilizes global sourcing and inventory management to procure cost-effective component parts. These strategies combined with flexible scheduling, prompt delivery, and outstanding customer service will ensure your company is rewarded for choosing Murdoc Technology.


Murdoc Technology, LLC
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